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Modelo #: AKT699IX
Modelo #: WP3040S
Modelo #: WP3050S
Modelo #: WP3550S
Modelo #: G9CE3675XS
Modelo #: W5CE3024XB

Choose from glass, ceramic, electric coil or gas cooktops from Whirlpool

Whether you’re looking for induction cooking technology, easy to clean surfaces, or a simple control interface, Whirlpool® cooktops have the features you need to prepare your family’s meals with care. Our glass and ceramic cooktops seamlessly integrate into your kitchen design and wipe free of baked on messes and more with ease. For a more traditional design, you can opt for gas cooktops with removable grates for quick cleaning, or standard gas or electric burners. All our cooktop technology is designed to save you time so you can focus on enjoying a meal together. Browse our full selection of premier cooktops to find the right model to meet all your family’s food prep needs.